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How it works

Type in a name and click generate. If you want a random name, just leave the input field blank.

Egyptian name generator

Imagine being in a pyramid. Hieroglyphs on the walls, a golden sarcophagus in the middle of the room, and you in the role of an explorer who has just discovered this ancient tomb.

You dust off your jeans and take a step closer to the hieroglyphs, running your fingers over their raised surfaces. How awesome would it be to have lived back in the days of Egyptian goddesses and gods?

People have wondered for a long time about Ancient Egypt and Egyptian culture. It is one of the most fascinating cultures in history. It’s a culture that has been long dead, yet its legacy still endures today. Part of this legacy is not just our love for cats but also the Egyptian names.

No wonder that many people ask themself: "What is my Egyptian name?"

Well, wonder no more. This Egyptian name generator is able to turn your name into your ancient Egyptian equivalent!

So go ahead, enter your name and find out what your Egyptian name would have been. Are you ready to take a journey through time? Then let’s go!

To start, simply hit generate or enter your name to get your personal Egyptian name!

Egyptian names

Egyptian names are one of a kind and don’t resemble modern names in any way. They are steeped in history and have a unique sound that is instantly recognizable.

There are many different types of Egyptian names, each with its own individual meaning and purpose. For example, there are names that were given to royalty, as well as god and goddess names. There are also nicknames, which were generally used to describe someone’s personality or physical appearance.

The most common type of Egyptian name is the theophoric name, which includes the name of a god or goddess. These names were given to children in order to please the gods and goddesses and ensure their protection.

A lot of Egyptian names have survived to this day and are still used by people. But sadly, most names got lost in time. And there were no real gender-neutral names either. So we took the liberty to hand-craft many gender-neutral names that sound just as ancient Egyptian as the male and female names do!

How does the Egyptian name generator work?

The Egyptian name generator generates countless Egyptian names randomly, including male, female, and even gender-neutral names!

To start, simply hit generate. Or enter your name into the text box and click on the ‘Generate’ button. Your result will appear instantly!

If you want to keep generating Egyptian names until you find the perfect one, simply hit the ‘generate’ button again and again. Keep doing this until you find your desired name!

But heads up! Only the male and female names are authentic Egyptian names since there haven’t been any gender-neutral names in ancient Egypt – or at least they haven’t been documented. We took the liberty to create them on our own.

Egyptian god names

Are you rather looking for some godly names than mere human ones? You’re in luck! We’ve got just the thing for you!

Check out our fantastic Egyptian god name generator!

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