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If you can't decide on a baby name or you’re just curious about what your English name would be, try out this English name generator!


How it works

Type in a name and click generate. If you want a random name, just leave the input field blank.

English name generator

Are you looking for a great and authentic English name? Use our English name generator to instantly generate an English name fit for you! This generator could produce common names like Mark, John, Alex, etc. Yet it could also give you unique names like Jaxson, Brooklyn, and loads of fun other names!

Why is our name so important?

The name that we were given is our identity. Our first name is what other people call us and what they know us as, and our last name is about our family and our history.

More often than not, people don’t realize that your name actually says a lot about your personality. For some reason, the first name that you were given resonates with how you are as a person as well. So there are a lot of people who’d rather ditch the common names and would rather go by something really unique.

Using our name generator for cute baby name ideas

There are so many names available, and it can honestly be pretty overwhelming to pick the right baby name for you. As mentioned, our names are our identity, so it’s important to find the right baby names for your child.

By using our name generator, you could get some baby name ideas on which English name would be perfect for your baby! Possibly build on it, or if you like it enough, you could even use the name that was generated itself!

English names

Most English names already have a cultural influence on them. For example, the name Hoyt or Hoit that you often hear in America actually has a Norse origin.

Another example is Freya, which is a popular name for girls. Freya is actually a common Viking name that was adopted by Americans. To date, you might think that the name Freya originated from the United States of America just because of how often it’s being used.

American names

Because of the history that America has, American names have become really diverse. You’ll often see names that have a Spanish background, Portuguese, Dutch, German, etc. There are also a lot of names that come from England and Australia, believe it or not!

English names also don’t stray far from British names, and you’ll often hear names hailing from England or Great Britain being used in America. Sometimes only the spelling of these names itself is changed.

The same goes for Australian names. Common names from Australia that are often used in America are Charlotte, Oliver, Amelia, and even Isla! All great-sounding names, if you ask us!

Most American names follow the format of having a first name, a middle name, and a last name. While it’s also common for them to only have a first name and a surname. So you can get really creative with it!

American names are also mostly chosen for aesthetic reasons as people often use them for business name ideas as well. There are only some people who actually consider the meaning of the name itself. A vast majority of American names also have a biblical reference (common biblical names used are Daniel, David, Matthew, Elizabeth, etc.)

Intrigued to find out your English name? Find out now with our random English name generator! You can also use our random name generator to help with some cute baby name ideas if needed!

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