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Fantasy city name generator

Fantasy cities need a great and imposing name. Be it Minas Tirith, Anor Londo, or Stormwind, a tremendous and unique fantasy city name is here to impress and help the immersion of your players or readers.

But coming up with an impressive and unique fantasy city name can be challenging, and it often seems as if the best ones are already taken. But that’s far from the truth – as long as you use our fantastic fantasy city name generator!

This fantasy city name generator can generate billions of city names that are perfect for any fantasy world! If you’re unhappy with your result, repeat the process and hit generate as often as needed!

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Alternatively, you can enter a name for a personalized and unique one! Find out what your very own fantasy city would be called!

Don’t wait any longer – hit generate or enter your name now to discover your personal fantasy city name!

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Fantasy city definition: What is a fantasy city?

Fantasy cities are just that. A fantasy city is a city that only exists in the imagination, created in stories, films, games, and art.

Usually, they are set in a medieval fantasy world where magic exists. They can be a sprawling metropolis or a lost and ruined city where only malevolent creatures live. But all fantasy cities have something special – from their architecture to their inhabitants and unique customs. But most importantly, a great fantasy city needs an even greater name!

Fantasy cities are often incredibly detailed, with much thought going into the design and lore. They can be based on real-world cities or made up entirely.

It’s easy to see why fantasy cities have become so popular in recent years – they allow us to escape reality and explore something new and exciting. So whether you’re writing a book, creating a game, or just daydreaming about the perfect city, don’t forget to give it an impressive name with our fantasy city name generator!

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Fantasy city names

Most fantasy city names follow a specific theme. And this theme can vary drastically. Is the city you’re creating a bustling metropolis made of white marble? Or is it the obsidian city of the dark lord himself? Is it a goblin citadel made out of scrap metals? Or it could be the city of angels in the sky above, hidden from human eyes.

Whatever you’re imagining, our fantasy city name generator can generate all of them. You will find it here whether you are looking for something classical and majestic or edgy and modern. There’s also a selection of more obscure names that can add a unique twist!

Our fantasy city name generator generates names inspired by many fantasy universes. Be it Dungeons & Dragons, The Elder Scrolls, The Lord of the Rings, Elden Ring, Dark Souls, World of Warcraft, or many more – you’ll find what you’re looking for!

This fantasy city name generator generates genuinely unique and unforgettable names. You’ll definitely find something you’ll like!

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What’s your fantasy city name?

Embark on an exhilarating journey to discover your own one-of-a-kind fantasy city name! Everybody has their own unique fantasy city name just waiting to be discovered. But how do you do that?

Creating your own fantasy city name with our innovative name generator is nearly effortless! Just hit the generate button after you’ve entered your name! Unlock your creativity and discover a unique fantasy city name for yourself today!

If you’re not pleased with the outcome, don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Just add your last name or a username that you often use and explore various possibilities. Or enter whatever you like! Don’t wait any longer and start generating the perfect fantasy city name!

And remember to share your result with all your friends and family on Social Media! Make memories with your friends and family! Share the names of everyone who loves to have a good time right here. 😎

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Fantasy city name ideas

Do you still need some ideas for your fantasy city name? It can be quite tricky to find the perfect name, even with a name generator.

Here are some of the best fantasy city names our fantasy city name generator came up with:

Fantasy city names

  • Gonost
  • Deelscar, the Purple City
  • Lilderstella
  • Quanlin
  • Infair
  • Opford
  • Ranhorn
  • Brer
  • Thahold, the Emerald City
  • Aindecliffs
  • Peadine
  • Ronkenlacia
  • Bis Morstin
  • Teghtnar
  • Ina Vehand
  • Zoribell
  • Am Apes
  • Porchdula
  • Steermupond
  • Menavendenn
  • Hor Ga Bluff
  • Steer Lonstar
  • Teckorymer
  • Ariwood
  • Chenstein
  • Dam Avault
  • Breguard
  • Oarchdula
  • Vulmondtide
  • Ravalley
  • Castrand, the City of Dragons
  • Agople Bluff
  • Liband
  • Khas Igwood
  • Vel
  • Binover Bluffs
  • Almer
  • Bullagrave
  • Geroland
  • Thand-dum
  • Sio Lundell
  • Nomere
  • Abemire
  • Acrest
  • Thanotop
  • Firmouth
  • Alant
  • Apletus
  • Oseminster
  • Rakuzel, the Grey City
  • Fos Idula, the Crimson City
  • Wupmore, the Orc City
  • Erkugate
  • Nolacia, the City of the Dark Lord
  • Fos Mocaria
  • Landale
  • Ainkergir, the City of Ruin
  • Mellylgore
  • Oaburg, the City of Wisdom
  • Muntertips
  • Mawall
  • Lillahorn
  • Pis Is Red
  • Poshant
  • El, the City of Love
  • Thas Nol
  • Quewell
  • Vurandeland
  • Jaerant
  • Rirkullyvalley

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