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Fantasy World Name Generator

Generate a fantasy world name by entering your name or generate a random fantasy world name.


How it works

Type in a name and click generate. If you want a random name, just leave the input field blank.

Fantasy World Name Generator

Fantasy worlds need fantasy names! Whether you’re looking for a good name for your D&D campaign world or just need some inspiration for your next story or video game, this fantasy name generator should give you plenty of ideas.

This handy tool will generate a randomized name for your next fantasy world, perfect for when you need a little inspiration.

To start, simply click on the button to generate a random name or type in your name to get your very own fantasy world name!

Fantasy world

Fantasy worlds are places of magic and wonder, full of strange creatures and exotic lands. These realms can be like in a fairy tale or like a dystopian nightmare; it all depends on the creator’s imagination.

A well-built fantasy world will have a rich history and culture, with its own unique names for things. This is where the fantasy world name generator comes in handy!

It features an almost endless amount of possible combinations to create the perfect name for your next fantasy world.

Fantasy world names

The names of fantasy worlds often reflect the feeling and atmosphere of the place. A dark and gritty world might have names that are harsh sounding, while a more whimsical world might have names that are soft and pretty.

This name generator will generate random names for fantasy worlds, suitable for use in any kind of story or game. If you need some inspiration for your next project, this is the place to be!

If you’re unhappy with your result, just hit generate again! You can generate as many realm names as you want!

Fantasy World name ideas

This fantasy world name generator got inspired by great fantasy world names like “Middle-earth”, “Azeroth”, “Westeros”, and “Narnia”.

A great way of naming your fantasy realm is to use words with a pleasant sound, mixing them together and adding a suffix to them. You can also make up words!

Example: “Cellar” + “luna” + “ia” = “Cellunia”

Another way of coming up with fantasy world names is to use the name of a real-world place and give it a fantasy twist. Like turning “Germany” to “Gerumia”, or “Japan” to “Panajia”.

Or you could take the name of a real-world place and add a descriptive word to it. For example: “Mountain” + “shire” = “Mountainshire”.

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Have fun, and don’t forget to share this tool with your friends if you found it useful!

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