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Halfling name generator

Are you looking for a great name for your halfling character in Pathfinder or D&D? Look no further! Our Halfling name generator will give you plenty of ideas for all kinds of characters, from silly to serious.

This halfling name generator is probably the best one around – at least it’s the one generating the most diverse names on the internet! With over several billion possible name combinations, our halfling name generator is unmatched!

So, what are you waiting for? To start, simply hit generate or enter your name to get your personal halfling name!


Halflings are one of the most common races in DnD. Chances are, if you’re playing DnD, you’ve played with or against a halfling at some point. They’re small, nimble, and often have a knack for unseen skills like thievery.

Halflings come in two flavors: lightfoot and stout. The lightfoot halflings are the more common of the two and are known for their Stealth and Charm abilities. The stout halflings are not as common but are known for their Strength and Constitution abilities.

When it comes to naming your halfling character, you have a few options. You can go with a traditional halfling name, or you can choose a name that’s more unique.

Halfling names

Halfling names can be very diverse. From short and sweet to long and complex, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or more unique, our Halfling name generator is here to help!

Continue reading to see some fantastic halfling name ideas!

The following names were all generated with our halfling name generator!

Male halfling names

  • Ped Greenbridge
  • Koril Thorngather
  • San Twinklesky
  • Joewin Cinderfingers
  • Rinbun Billbrook
  • Brun Fleetbottle

Female halfling names

  • Usili Truebottle
  • Elyn Forestfinger
  • Rolyncia Cinderbrook
  • Kilfina Lasthill
  • San Fastspirit
  • Alvola Applebottle

Gender-neutral halfling names

  • Grar Earthbranch
  • Ekird Fogbuck
  • Zer Nightace
  • Hanan Tentop
  • Xonri Leabluff
  • Govis Hillwind

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