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Are you looking for beautiful and authentic Hungarian names? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our Hungarian name generator features thousands of Hungarian names for you to choose from!

Whether you’re creating a character for a story, looking to honor your Hungarian heritage, or just want to find a unique and interesting name for yourself, our generator can help. Simply hit the "Generate" button or enter your name, and we’ll generate some personalized Hungarian names for you.

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Hungary is a Central European country with an incredibly rich culture and history. Located in the Carpathian Basin, it’s bordered by seven countries: Austria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. The Hungarian language is related to Finnish and Estonian and has a unique character of its own.

Hungary has many cultural influences, including Germanic peoples who came from the east before settling in the Carpathian Basin around 500 AD. These influences can be seen in everything from traditional music and food to the Hungarian language.

There are also many different types of Hungarian names, such as first names, surnames, and patronymics. Different regions in Hungary tend to have their own naming conventions as well.

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Hungarian names & Hungarian naming conventions

Hungarian names often have beautiful meanings. Names in Hungary tend to be formed from a combination of traditional Hungarian elements and Christian names from other languages. In Hungary, many names have a strong association with the country’s religious and dynastic past. This includes both royal and saint names, which have their own Hungarian equivalents.

Given names in Hungary tend to be gender-specific, with distinct male and female forms. Some names can have both male and female variants, but they are rarely used interchangeably. Male Hungarian names often end in "-o", while female names often end in "-a".

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Sadly, there aren’t many gender-neutral names in Hungary since the culture is still very traditional when it comes to name selection. But if you’re looking for gender-neutral names, try using nicknames of names that have male and female variants, like Gabi, which is a nickname for the male Gábor and the female Gabriella.

Surnames in Hungary are usually inherited and often indicate the family’s origin or profession. Some surnames have German roots, while others are derived from Hungarian words or names. These days, it is common for both men and women to keep their birth names when they get married. Common elements in surnames include the word "Kovács" (smith), or Hungarian words like "Szabó" (tailor) and "Takács" (weaver).

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Hungarian name ideas

Using our Hungarian name generator can help you find the perfect name for yourself or a character. Whether it’s a traditional Hungarian name or something more creative, our generator will help you discover some interesting and unique names.

But if you’re still struggling, here are some of the most popular Hungarian names as well as some more extraordinary ones:

Male Hungarian names

  • Gábor
  • László
  • András
  • Boldizsár
  • Barnabás
  • Benedek
  • Örs
  • Oktáj
  • Henrik
  • Henrik
  • Bendegúz
  • Emil
  • Bernad
  • Ond
  • Bátony
  • Bodis
  • Gábor
  • Bartal
  • Ferdinánd
  • Szilárd
  • Dömötör

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Female Hungarian names

  • Gabriella
  • Luca
  • Zsófia
  • Orsolya
  • Lilien
  • Magdolna
  • Magdaléna
  • Sarolta
  • Amanda
  • Alíz
  • Anikó
  • Marianna
  • Dorina
  • Ila
  • Annamária
  • Julesa
  • Markéta
  • Felícia
  • Teca
  • Gabriella
  • Lenke

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Unisex Hungarian names

Unisex names aren’t really a thing in Hungary, sorry. You could probably just use a nickname or a gender-neutral name from another Western country. But here are some that might still work:

  • Gabi
  • Alex
  • Berta
  • Betti
  • Dorottya
  • János
  • Kata
  • Márió
  • Réka

Hungarian last names

  • Haraszti
  • Bognár
  • Keresztes
  • Hegedűs
  • Szilágyi
  • Szikora
  • Sarkozy
  • Apponyi
  • Végh
  • Kertész
  • Gabor
  • Háy
  • Király
  • Iglói
  • Takac

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