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Japanese God Name Generator

Are you looking for a way to name your Japanese god OC? Or are you just curious what your Japanese god name would be? Either way, you’ve come to the right place!

With this Japanese god name generator, you can generate countless Japanese god names for both male and female characters. But not just that; it also features gender-neutral names!

Just make sure to select the appropriate gender when you use the generator.

To start, simply hit generate, or enter your name to get your personal god name!

Have fun!

Japanese God names

The names of Japanese gods and Japanese goddesses sound very unique and often have interesting meanings behind them. This Japanese god name generator took its inspiration from Japanese mythology and folklore, so you’ll definitely find some familiar names in there!

Here are some of the most popular Japanese gods and goddesses:

  • Amaterasu is the sun goddess and the most important deity in Shinto. She is also the ancestor of the Japanese people.
  • Susanoo is the god of storms and earthquakes. He is also the brother of Amaterasu.
  • Fukurokuju is the god of wisdom, happiness, and longevity. He is often depicted with a long beard and a scroll.
  • Kitsune is the god of foxes. He is also known for his trickster nature.
  • Jizo is the bodhisattva of compassion. He is often depicted as a stone statue with a red bib.
  • Hachiman is the god of war. He is also the patron deity of the Japanese people.
  • Benzaiten is the goddess of music, art, and wealth. She is often depicted with a biwa (Japanese lute).
  • Kompira is the protector of sailors and fishermen. He is often depicted as a statue with a red cap.
  • Kurama Tengu is the king of the tengu (mountain goblins). He is often depicted with a long nose and a red face.

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Japanese mythology

Japanese mythology is very unique. Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun, is one of the most famous deities in Japanese mythology. She is also the ancestor of the current emperor. Other popular gods and goddesses include Susanoo, the god of storms, and Tsukuyomi, the god of the moon.

Japanese mythology often revolves around nature and animals. One of the most popular creatures in Japanese mythology is the kirin, a mythical beast that looks like a cross between a dragon and a deer. But maybe you’re also familiar with the kappa or the tengu!

Japanese culture

Japanese culture is very rich and has a long history. From traditional arts like calligraphy and origami to more modern pop culture phenomena like anime and manga, there’s something for everyone!

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God names

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