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Kenkus are a race of anthropomorphic crows or ravens that inhabit the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Suffering under a terrible curse that robbed them of their ability to fly, the Kenku spend much time trying to regain their wings. Also, they’re incapable of speaking, making it hard to communicate with them.

But since they’re perfect at mimicking, they replicate sounds they hear. They’re also good craftsmen since they are so good at replicating things.

In many campaigns, they also serve as some sort of comic relief but can also be quite cunning.

Fun fact: Kenkus are based on the Japanese tengus, a legendary avian creature with a long nose.

Kenku names

Since Kenkus can’t really speak, Kenkus are mostly named by others after the sounds they make. These fall into three categories: battle sounds, animal noises or sounds of inanimate objects, and artisan inclined sounds.

Some Kenku also take on human names, but these are less common. Because of that, we didn’t include them in this generator.

If you’re looking to get a Kenku name for your Dungeons and Dragons character or just want to know what they sound like, why not try out the Kenku Name Generator? Just enter your name and press the button!

You’ll get a personal result or a bunch of randomly generated ones. Have fun!

Kenku name generator

Kenku names can be hard to come by, so we’ve put together a generator to help you out. Just enter your name and press the button! You’ll get a personal result or a bunch of randomly generated ones if you leave the field blank.

We’ve added many great names to this list you’ll not able to find anywhere else. We hope you enjoy this Kenku name generator!

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