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King & Queen Name Generator

Generate a king or queen name by entering your name or generate a random ruler name.


How it works

Type in a name and click generate. If you want a random name, just leave the input field blank.

What is your king or queen name?

This king & queen name generator will generate king or queen names based on your input.

Kings and queens rule over a kingdom they call their own. Everybody bows to their wishes. Didn’t we all imagine as kids to be a king or a queen? Well, now you can find your perfect king or queen name! Rule over your kingdom!

King & Queen name generator

So, you want your very own king name? Simply type in your name and hit generate or leave the field blank to get an unlimited amount of great, random king names!

This King & Queen name generator is perfectly suited for every need you have. Whether you need the name for a king or queen in your new fantasy novel, for your D&D character, or just for fun, this name generator is for you!

King names

The names of kings often represented how powerful they were. Many were called “the great” or “the mighty”. But some also got not-so-great names, like “the bald” or “the coward”. Type in your name and find out what kind of king you would be!

Queen names

On the other hand, the names of queens were often a bit superficial, as queens often got names like “the beautiful” or “the majestic”. So, let’s find out what kind of queen you would be and type in your name!

Kingdom names

Every ruler needs a realm! You can’t be a proper king or queen without a kingdom to call your own! Find out now what your realm would be called with this fantastic Kingdom Name Generator!

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