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Knight name generator

Unleash the power of the medieval realm with our knight name generator! Discover your heroic moniker and embark on legendary adventures!

As a child, almost everybody dreamt of being a knight or a princess in shining armor. Unsurprisingly, the concept of knightly names is closely connected to our childhood fantasies as well as literature and entertainment.

But now, your chance has finally come to become the knight you always wanted to be! Whether it be for a real-world adventure or an online character, our knight name generator will help you come up with the perfect name that reflects your noble and powerful personality.

What are you waiting for? Create your own knight name now!

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Knight names

Knightly names often draw upon powerful figures from history and mythology. These heroic monikers are steeped in symbolism and tradition, with many having been popular for centuries.

And the names of knights can vary greatly, depending on the culture and era in which they lived. For example, the medieval knights of Europe are known for their chivalric names, with some ending in ‘-dere’ or ‘-ford’ to signify a place of origin.

Meanwhile, in Japan, many knightly monikers can be traced back to historical samurai. These include names such as Hideyoshi, Nobunaga, and the legendary Miyamoto Musashi.

Just to make things clear: This knight name generator focuses on European and primarily English knight names.

Whether you seek a name rooted in history or one that exudes fantasy charm, our knight name generator has you covered. From the valiant Sir Gawain to the fearless Lady Guinevere, our generator will inspire you with a range of authentic and imaginative knightly names.

Find out what you’d be called if you were a king or a queen!

Knight naming conventions

The traditional knightly naming conventions have seen a resurgence in recent years. From popular television series to blockbuster movies, many modern knight characters are given titles that hark back to an older age of heroes and legends.

Throughout history, knights were known by their unique names that reflected their honor, lineage, and bravery. Dive into the fascinating world of knight naming conventions and understand the significance behind these monikers.

Most knights had names like ‘Sir’ or ‘Dame’ as their title, while commoners were given surnames. Additionally, many knights had a second name that was used to distinguish them from others with the same surname.

For example, William de Glanville could be referred to simply as "William Glanville" or even just "Sir William".

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Knight name ideas

Seeking inspiration for your knightly alter ego? Look no further! Our knight name generator offers a treasure trove of name ideas to ignite your imagination and create a truly memorable character.

Here are some knightly names our knight name generator came up with:

Male knight names

  • Sir Godwin of the Glistening Grove
  • Sir Jehen the Maneater
  • Sir Joffridus Guiscard
  • Sir Amaud the Silver Serpent
  • Sir Wyatt the Guardian
  • Lord Giff Chaucer
  • Sir Aymer Cromwell
  • Lord Percival the Vanguard
  • Sir Thoma Colborne
  • Sir Girout Thackeray
  • Sir Hardegin the Worthy
  • Lord Simkin the Swiftwind
  • Lord Perinnet the Bear
  • Sir Josclyn the Shadow Knight
  • Lord Crestiennet the Amazing

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Female knight names

  • Dame Mehenilda Hawkwood
  • Lady Ysmeina the Steel Sentinel
  • Lady Odette Ellington
  • Dame Braya of the Fall
  • Dame Mallot the Dragonheart
  • Lady Meliora of the West
  • Lady Thomasina Redmond
  • Dame Seraphina the Pygmy
  • Dame Rykeld the Iron Will
  • Dame Guillote of the Lake
  • Lady Tilda of the Everlasting Echo
  • Lady Sabrina of Caria
  • Dame Aubrey the Loner
  • Dame Matild the Stalwart
  • Lady Malkyn the Warm

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Gender-neutral knight names

Gender-neutral knights weren’t really a thing back then, but we still managed to create some authentic and captivating unisex knight names:

  • Rowan of Salerno
  • Peyton of the Shadowed Hollows
  • Jocelyn of the Starlit Citadel
  • Teagan the Champ
  • Addison Granger
  • Frankie the Poet
  • Lee the Noble Valkyrie
  • Ryan Quincy
  • Elliot the Evangelist
  • Aubrey of Woodstock
  • Finley of the Fiery Ascent
  • Yael the Widow
  • Reagan Langford
  • Tatum the Gentle
  • Jessie the Earnest

In the world of Dungeons and Dragons, which class would you be?

With our knight name generator, the realm of honor, adventure, and knighthood awaits. Uncover the perfect name to embody your noble spirit and embark on a legendary quest that will leave a lasting mark on history. Let the journey begin!

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