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Type in a name and click generate. If you want a random name, just leave the input field blank.

Korean name generator

Have you ever wondered what your Korean name would be like? Well, you’re in luck: Our Korean name generator will serve you well! Just type in your name to get your very own Korean name or leave the field blank to get an almost unlimited amount of random suggestions!

You can choose between different genders as well!

Korean names

Korean names always consist of a family name followed by a given name. There are no middle names in the English language sense. This is the case for both Korean countries, South Korea and North Korea. While modern names in South Korea show a tendency to become a bit more Western by also adopting, for example, English names, North Korean names stay very traditional.

While most Korean family names consist of a single syllable, most Korean given names consist of two syllables.

Koreans living outside of Korea sometimes adopt the Western naming order (given name first, family name second).

Korean girl names

Korean feminine names have a certain ring to them you just can’t miss. Like every Korean given name, they mostly consist of two syllables. You’ll love your result!

We’ve included several hundred possible Korean girl names in this name generator!

Korean boy names

Korean masculine names sound very cool and often have meanings like “iron”, “strong”, or “righteous”. You’ll definitely find a Korean boy name you’ll enjoy here!

We’ve included several hundred possible Korean boy names in this name generator!

Korean last names

As previously mentioned, Korean family names mostly consist of one syllable. But each family name is also divided into one or more clans, identifying the clan’s city of origin. For various reasons we have not taken this into account, otherwise it becomes too complex and no one wants to step on the toes of real clans. So this name generator generates regular surnames instead that don’t have a connection to any clan.

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