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MtG angel name generator

Ready to summon a new divine being in Magic the Gathering? Our angel name generator is here to help you bestow upon them a name worthy of their celestial grace!

In the world of Magic the Gathering, angels are imposing avatars of the divine, showing up whenever they are most needed to save the day. But before embarking on their noble journey, they will need a name, a name that should resonate with power and divinity. What is your angel name?

Angel definition: What is an angel?

In Magic the Gathering, angels are divine creatures of astonishing power. Assembling the archetype of classical angels, most of them appear with wings and auras of radiant light, wielding heavenly weapons.

The angels in MtG come in different shapes, sizes and powers, each providing a unique skill set that will surely impact your game. From angels of solace to angels of fury, each one carries unique significance and symbolism, their names resonating with their respective traits and backstory.

Angel names

When it comes to devising angel names, this angel name generator offers you heavenly and sublime names with a majestic touch. From definitive angel names like Seraphim, Cherubim, and Gabriel to more creative examples, this is your chance to explore and create.

Angels in the Magic the Gathering universe have distinct names, often embodying their divinity. Our generator builds on this, offering names like Aelon, Angel of Valor or Helrix, Angel of Dominion for instance.

Angel naming conventions

There aren’t rigid rules for deriving angel names in Magic the Gathering; it’s about embodying the essence of divinity and loftiness. Angel names often carry a certain formality and gravitas, a nod to their celestial stature and authority.

Uncommon names with a hint of mysticism and divinity are the common norm. Names like “Jastrion, Angel of Serenity” or “Nathuriel, Angel of Divinity” exemplify this, both offering a certain celestial air to them.

What’s your angel name?

Now that you have had a glimpse into the divine nomenclature, it’s time to christen your own angel! Our MtG angel name generator is sure to provide you with a perfect match for your divine soldier, navigator or protector.

Simply click on the “Generate” button, and a host of angel names suited for your deck will emerge from the heavenly realms just for you. If you seek more personalization, input your name to get an angel name aligned with your identity.

Angel name ideas

If you are still contemplating the divine name for your angel, we’ve got you covered! Below, we have gathered a selection of angel names generated from our MtG angel name generator that you may find inspiring:

Male angel names

Angels in Magic the Gathering carry names that connote dignity, majesty, and divinity.. Our angel name generator has bestowed the following male names:

  • Darier, the Angel of Harmony
  • Abriestriol, Guardian of Dominion
  • Ganoraen, Angel of Resilience
  • Vestrieriom, the Angel of Resurgence
  • Venophun, Angel of Harmony
  • Bophriaries, Angel of Brilliance
  • Laenol, Angel of Resilience
  • Elririom, Angel of Tranquility
  • Herar, Angel of Grace
  • Prastramil, the Divine Angel
  • Qondas, Angel of Purity
  • Argen, Silent Angel
  • Kaelomas, Angel of Grace
  • Laerakiel, Angel of Awakening
  • Vesathier, Sentinel of Sanctity

Female angel names

Female angel names in MtG often exude a certain grace, beauty and wisdom. Our angel name generator has created the following names that manifest these traits:

  • Paelrierath, Arbiter of Singularity
  • Elara, Empyreal Angel
  • Yndra, Angel of Leadership
  • Ilisi, Angel of Rebirth
  • Zariano, Angel of Harmony
  • Vestenara, Reclaimer of Martyrs
  • Ulel, Angel of Serenity
  • Olal, Angel of Justice
  • Oriris, Angel of Truth
  • Pedol, Enforcer of Prophecy
  • Zephinthe, Angel of Prophecy
  • Anos, Angel of the Beyond
  • Astae, Angel of Virtue
  • Queris, Angel of Creation
  • Melal, Divine Angel

Gender-neutral angel names

In Magic the Gathering, not all angels are bound by gender constructs. Here are some gender-neutral names from our divine generator:

  • Saequil, Warden of Twilight
  • Glociar, Angel of Enlightenment
  • Yandrie, Angel of the Beyond
  • Vendriendox, Reclaimer of Light
  • Voraman, Angel of the Skies
  • Wyrara, Angel of Valor
  • Irel, the Celestial Angel
  • Rhiarori, Angel of Hope
  • Oxondonth, Angel of Infinity
  • Jolex, Angel of Fervor
  • Zaloriel, Sentinel of Wrath
  • Faexox, Vindicator of Destiny
  • Kexall, Defender of Serenity
  • Phiolel, Angel of Time
  • Wyrer, Angel of Victory

Let our angel name generator help you create the perfect name for your divine avatar in Magic the Gathering. Unleash your divine inspiration and transform your deck into a celestial repertoire of divinity and might.

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