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MtG Dragon Name Generator

Unlock the power of dragons in Magic the Gathering with our Dragons Name Generator. Create captivating dragon names for your MtG cards.


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MtG Dragon Name Generator

Are you looking to add a powerful dragon to your Magic the Gathering deck? Spellbinding, isn’t it? The thought of your very own dragon roaring through the battlefield, breathing fire and fear into the enemy? Our Magic the Gathering Dragon Name Generator is your very own imaginative tool to create the best dragon names for your MtG cards!

From male to female, to gender-neutral, our tool generates creative and authentic dragon names that fit perfectly with the Magic the Gathering universe. Keep reading to uncover the magic behind the names, dragon characteristics, and examples of possible generated names.

What is your Magic the Gathering dragon name?

Eager to command your very own dragon? By using our MtG Dragon Name Generator, you are a mere click away from discovering your dragon’s name. You can also key in your name to find out what you would be called if you were a dragon in the Magic the Gathering universe.

MtG Dragon naming conventions

Want your dragon to have a name that sends shivers down your opponent’s spine? MtG dragon names often reflect their power, their element, and their immortal status. They frequently combine a unique first name with two descriptive elements, reflecting their capabilities, their elemental affiliation, or their overall badassery.

This combination creates names that are not only cool and aggressive sounding but also tell a story about the dragon itself. Our MtG Dragon Name Generator follows this pattern for authenticity and continuity in the Magic the Gathering ecosystem.

MtG Dragon name ideas

Here are some dragon names to get your imagination fired up! With our MtG Dragon Name Generator, you can create thousands of unique dragon names for your Magic the Gathering deck.

MtG male dragon names

  • Zaul, Frostfire Dreadnought
  • Irdesh, Realm Scorcher
  • Voshk, Heart of Obsidian
  • Lurux, Starbreath Wyrm
  • Sathrex, Infernal Sky-Terror
  • Rhyzir, Onyx Gaze Serpent
  • Eshkra, Jade Storm Drake
  • Ardosh, Undying Ember Seraph
  • Tyxtal, Thunderous Scale Guardian
  • Ondrax, Soulchain Maw
  • Uzkhir, Eye of the Abyss
  • Grakon, Crystal Wing Overlord
  • Tyon, Fathomless Sea Scourge
  • Skorn, Hollow Echo Dragon
  • Vythrix, Gilded Frost Tyrant

MtG female dragon names

  • Lirush, Starfire Dreadqueen
  • Vorina, Abyssal Soul Maw
  • Elshra, Crystal Wing Sovereign
  • Ardisia, Infernal Sky Duchess
  • Lylth, Thunderous Scale Matron
  • Sethris, Jade Wind Drake
  • Oraxandra, Realm Scorcher
  • Ivora, Boundless Void Siren
  • Vythna, Fathomless Sea Mistress
  • Uzxira, Cataclysm Bringer
  • Grakindra, Undying Ember Seraph
  • Tylira, Heart of Diamond
  • Indathra, Eye of the Abyss
  • Vyxeria, Soulchain Empress
  • Ryxxia, Starbreath Wyrm Queen

MtG gender-neutral dragon names

  • Xarus, VoidWing Guardian
  • Nyrth, Onyx Thunder Drake
  • Quathrix, Heart of Sapphire
  • Jorpax, Skyshard Overlord
  • Oyrlis, Storm Breath Wyrm
  • Kenthra, Infernal Sea Wyrm
  • Zyrex, Crystal Maw Sovereign
  • Fyrthis, Eye of the Tempest
  • Drunkhar, Soulchain Obsidian
  • Phixton, Cataclysmic Scale Bounder
  • Eskar, Starfire Ember Wraith
  • Ixris, Infernal Gaze Guardian
  • Durox, Brimstone Abyss Heart
  • Viron, Jade Wind Dreadknight
  • Tyrluk, Thunderous Seraph Drake

How does the MtG Dragon Name Generator work?

Having troubles coming up with the perfect name for your draconic addition to your deck? Our Magic the Gathering Dragon Name Generator creates and suggests epic, imaginative dragon names for the Magic the Gathering universe. To get your dragon name, you have the option to enter your name to get a personalized dragon name or you can completely rely on our generator for a random option.

Conquer the MtG Arena with your dragon

Your dragon is just a name away from unleashing chaos in the Magic the Gathering arena. Knowing your dragon’s name can give you a deeper connection with your MtG card as you visualize your dragon soaring across the battlefield. Getting a name from our MtG Dragon Name Generator ensures it will perfectly fit the rich and expansive Magic the Gathering universe and sound absolutely awesome.

It’s not only about getting a name; it’s about immersing yourself in the epic universe of Magic the Gathering. So, step up, command your dragon, and burn your enemies in the battlefield, dragon master!

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