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MtG Faerie Name Generator

Create enchanting names for your Magic the Gathering faerie card. Immerse yourself in the fantasy with names full of whimsy, mystery and allure.


How it works

Type in a name and click generate. If you want a random name, just leave the input field blank.

Magic the Gathering Faerie name generator

Are those standard faerie names not stirring up enough mystique for your MtG deck? Enter the realm of the Magic the Gathering Faerie Name Generator, where your quest for captivating faerie names ends!

Here is your chance to devise enchanting, truly authentic Magic the Gathering names. All you have to do is hit generate or enter details for a customised, beguiling name right away!

The enchantment in MtG faerie names

In a world pulsing with telluric energies and teeming with ethereal beings, the misty realm of the faerie kind stands apart. A name doesn’t merely denote a player on your deck; it breathes life into it. Each faerie name in Magic the Gathering brings with it a shimmer of magic, a whisper of mystery, and a trace of whimsy.

Faerie names can serve a multitude of purposes, from striking fear into your opponent’s heart to invoking an aura of intrigue among your audience. Use the power vested in the names generated by this tool to masterfully paint your gaming experience with the hues of the fae world.

MtG faerie name ideas

Infuse your faerie deck with names that resonate with the enchanting, elusive vibe of the fae folk. Our expansive pool caters to male, female, and gender-neutral names, echoing the rich diversity of Magic the Gathering and its vast universe. Whether you want to tap into the cobwebbed corners of the fae world or invoke the golden glimmer of faerie dust, the possibilities are boundless.

Here are some faerie name ideas:

Male Fairy names:

  • Thorne, Sharply Mischievous
  • Vyx, Veil Dancer
  • Zephyr, Wind Whisperer
  • Lumis, Gleaming Trickster
  • Cob, Dusk Rambler

Female Fairy names:

  • Ebony, Night Twister
  • Lyri, Song Seer
  • Veil, Mystic Dancer
  • Opal, Light Illusionist
  • Vesper, Dusk Whisperer

Gender-neutral Fairy names:

  • Pix, Stardust Sprite
  • Echo, Resonance Shifter
  • Vise, Mirage Maker
  • Glim, Light Bugler
  • Cypher, Riddle Whisperer

All of these enchanting names have been meticulously crafted through our MtG Faerie Name Generator.

How to create your own MtG faerie name

Crafting a Magic the Gathering faerie name that beguiles opponents and allies alike is an art. Start by envisioning the faerie you’re about to name. Are they a mischievous sprite, a sagacious oracle, a celestial warden or perhaps, a shadowy illusionist?

Second, play with words. Faerie names are known for being a melange of whimsy and enigma, romance and riddle, mystery and melody. Combine two elements that echo the unique personality of your faerie.

Lastly, practice. Use the generated name across the faerie realms and watch it elicit reactions. As it becomes an extension of your faerie, it’ll weave its own legend in the mystical fae world of Magic the Gathering. Go on, create a name that lasts forever in the annals of the MtG universe.

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