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MtG Giant Name Generator

Generate an ideal name for your fan-made MtG Giant by entering a name or by generating a random one.


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Type in a name and click generate. If you want a random name, just leave the input field blank.

MTG Giant Name Generator

Eager to create your own massive impact in the world of Magic the Gathering? Our amazing MtG Giant Name Generator is your ultimate solution! Generate a multitude of spectacular giant names and attain your own personal MtG Giant name tailored just for you!

Our MtG Giant Name Generator concocts male, female, and gender-neutral giant names. So what’s the holdup?

To get started, simply click generate or key in your name to customize your exclusive mtG giant name!

Top-notch MtG Giant names

Magic the Gathering is a universe populated with gargantuan giants looming over mountains, rumbling terrains, and reigning over volcanoes. Each giant has a name that inspires awe and terror, shaking the chessboard with mighty force.

Irrespective of which giant persona you aim to channel, you will need a powerful name. A name that will strike terror into the hearts of your adversaries. A name that will resonate with the spectators. A name that will engrave itself in the annals of this game’s history.

Whether you’re conceiving a moniker for your new giant character or perusing for some inspiration, this generator will serve your quest. So let’s generate and find your colossal alias!

MtG Giant name ideas

From icebound sovereigns to rumbling monarchs and volcanic dames, Magic the Gathering Giants possess titles as diverse as the giants themselves. Thematic names like “Brimstone Titan,” “Goliath of the Depths,” or “Thundering Duchess,” play on nature’s formidable forces. And then there are names inspired by the elemental chaos, unique as “Forgebound Pioneer” or “Skyshaker Behemoth.”

No matter the theme or inspiration behind your sought after MtG giant name – be it traditional, unique, or unearthly – you’ll discover it here. Click generate and get ready for some colossal inspiration!

Male Giant names

  • Orvil, Brimstone Titan
  • Golvo, Goliath of the Depths
  • Brundar, Ice Crown Monarch
  • Raldor, Mountain King
  • Xylor, Nomad of the Sky

Female Giant names

  • Valgret, Fire Matriarch
  • Gurda, Titaness of Frost
  • Hildrak, Stone Summit Queen
  • Xelvora, Skywarden Sentiment
  • Vestrog, Void Mistress

Gender-neutral Giant names

  • Voldrack, Pinnacle Bulwark
  • Gelvorn, Vulcano Regent
  • Reldryn, Crag-born Overlord
  • Xandrok, Fireborn Mountain Emissary
  • Morgrim, Rockslide Harbinger

Carving your own MtG Giant name

Creating a perfect giant name in the world of Magic the Gathering is simpler than you might think. Start by brainstorming ideas. Visualize your giant’s persona — fierce or stoic? Is it an inhabitant of frozen wastes or a rumbling volcano? Do you want a creepy name to petrify your enemies or a mysterious one to keep everyone guessing?

Once you’ve mulled over some ideas, combine them in unique ways to see what resonates with your vision. Combine elements, experiment with word plays, and even borrow from the vernacular of giants and titan lords.

When you’ve crafted a name that echoes with your giant, it’s time to adopt it. The more you use and resonate with it, the more it will define your giant’s persona. Soon, you’ll have a giant name to shake the terrain of Magic the Gathering.

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