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Magic the Gathering Horror Name Generator

Ready to delve into the terrifying realms of Magic the Gathering? This generator is your gateway! Create chilling, authentic Magic the Gathering card names that will send shivers down your opponent’s spine.

Dealing with the darker side of Magic the Gathering, this generator creates unique male, female and gender-neutral names fitting for the hauntingly beautiful horror theme. Why wait when you can create your own MTG Horror names now!

MTG Horror names

Magic the Gathering isn’t just all about mighty dragons and benevolent angels. It also bears witness to the unlit corners of its vast multiverse, where nightmares come to life and horrors are timeless.

True devotees of the game know how crucial it is to choose names that reflect the dark, eerie aspect of these cards. Just imagine playing a card, its name alone enough to erode your opponents’ confidence. We’re talking about names that evoke both dread and intrigue, that tell a tale of terror in just a few ominous syllables.

MTG Horror name ideas

In need of a spine-tingling name for your horror-themed Magic the Gathering card? Whether you fancy being a writhing nightmare from the abyss or a sovereign of the crypts, we got you covered. There’s an array of horrifying names for male, female, and gender-neutral cards, perfect for fans who want to play with that dash of dread.

Male MtG Horror names

  • Zolrik, Depravity Incarnate
  • Lygodoth, Voidwalker Tyrant
  • Siror, Depths Ravager
  • Draerth’Hadon, Netherborn Reaper
  • Drarthor, Chaos Architect
  • Drarghraver, Chaos Architect
  • Salghodox, Void Predator
  • Yulgor, Vile Phantasm
  • Rorgon, Eldritch Marauder
  • Ennox, Crypt Sovereign
  • Tyrxex, Abyssborn Contriver
  • Nelgar, Ebon Overseer
  • Sirghrar, Depths Ravager
  • Kralzak, Graveborn Usurper
  • Margox, Veilshifter Lurker
  • Safran, Void Predator
  • Draelgor, Netherborn Reaper
  • Zothon, Depravity Incarnate
  • Mafrax, Veilshifter Lurker
  • Zulrosh, Savage Darkmaster

Female MtG Horror names

  • Xalilde, Dreadcaller
  • Morenras, Graveborn Siren
  • Ghadiasianth, Lady of Shadows
  • Syrathra, Shadow Lurker
  • Qyraran, Witch of Wraiths
  • Xandi, Dread Warden
  • Jareiax, Soul Siphon
  • Lyrana, Graveborn Enchantress
  • Tenthelde, Forsaken Huntress
  • Anthasia, Graveborn Sovereign
  • Andrara, Enigma Wraith
  • Keriano, Demon Sibyl
  • Ayzra, Banshee Queen
  • Sessol, Abyss Watcher
  • Bessathra, Undying Priestess
  • Olyra, Shadow Whisperer
  • Aldara, Graveborn Sovereign
  • Idrali, Crypt Enchantress
  • Ayrathath, Banshee Queen
  • Vethera, Shadewalker

Gender-neutral MtG Horror names

  • Gharen, Netherwalker
  • Zendral, Haunt Concoctor
  • Gakras, Ebon Harbinger
  • Ifa, Ebon Tyrant
  • Xuphrar, Nether Sentinel
  • Wikran, Nightmare Antiquarian
  • Luthkrax, Phantom Lurker
  • Dretax, Shadowborne
  • Tranrar, Nightmare Sovereign
  • Ulyx, Phantom Tyrant
  • Uloth, Deathbringer
  • Endrath, Wraith Conjuror
  • Undrin, Netherborn Narrator
  • Threlsilras, Nexus Watcher
  • Vezrak, Crypt Whisperer
  • Korak, Void Gravewalker
  • Bexax, Wraith Forger
  • Draxoth, Graveborn Sentinel
  • Gartoth, Ebon Harbinger
  • Imel, Ebon Tyrant

MTG horror naming conventions

Crafting the perfect horror-themed name for your MTG card involves a touch of imagination, a hint of dread, and an undertone of the unknown. The first part of the name can be anything, something menacing or cryptic, a reminder of the horrifying creature it represents. The second part is where the true essence of the card’s nature shines – it’s the title that defines its purpose or strength, like “Ebon Overseer” or “Void Parasite”.

Taking inspiration from these conventions will help you create unforgettable, chilling names suitable for the macabre, mysterious world of horror-themed MTG cards.

How to generate your MTG horror name

Are you ready to spawn your horror name for Magic the Gathering? There’s no complex arcane formula to follow, all it takes is just a click!

Simply hit the generate button or enter your name to get your personal MTG horror name. With countless nightmare-inducing combinations, who knows what eerie entity your name might represent? Dive into the darker side of MTG now and leave your rivals trembling in terror!

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