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MtG Human Name Generator

Create epic names for your fan-made Magic the Gathering cards. Bring your characters to life with names that evoke power, mystery, and magic.


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Magic the Gathering Human Name Generator

Are you tired of ordinary names for your Magic the Gathering characters? If yes, then our MtG Human Name Generator is the perfect accessory for your deck!

We’ve created a tool that generates compelling and absolutely magic-infused names for the valiant humanoids of the MtG universe. Whether you’re creating a new deck or adding a splash of character to an existing one, these names are your ticket to an immersive and epic gaming experience.

Ready to start? All you need to do is to press generate, or type in your name for a personalized touch!

MtG human name conventions

Magic the Gathering isn’t just a game—it’s an entire universe, filled with intricate lore, countless heroes, and bone-chilling villains. And each card isn’t just a picture. It’s a character well-crafted with its own identity.

The power of a name can’t be overstated in such rich storylines. The right name can evoke images of power, prophecy, and legendary quests. It should sound meaningful, evocative and tantalizingly enigmatic.

Our name generator has been calibrated to produce names that resonate deeply with the spirit of Magic the Gathering. It respects the established naming conventions and weaves them with the arcane threads of magic, prophecy, and heroism.

MtG name ideas

Looking for a quick peek of how our generator revivifies names? Here are some ideas for male, female, and gender-neutral names all freshly spawned from our generator. Feel their resonance with the magical universe of Magic the Gathering.

Male MtG Human names

  • Uviak Frost, Nightblade Assassin
  • Luvevas, Knight of the Azure Order
  • Halec Frost, Nightflame Enchanter
  • Cydrianden Ember, High Inquisitor
  • Ryrnandec, Galeforce Shaman
  • Lyndon, Lightseeker Cleric
  • Jarnor Ash, Stormcaller Shaman
  • Brarthon Ash, Ashen Alchemist
  • Wyrvis, Frostspire Magus
  • Facan Dark, Nightflame Enchanter
  • Pheren, Ashen Arcanist
  • Macavar, Dragonbane Champion
  • Terthon Light, Warden of the Forests
  • Dorcun Stone, Thorned Enchanter
  • Traviec Stone, Keeper of the Flame
  • Ozrick, Lightkeeper Guardian
  • Norion, Stormbringer Archmage
  • Ariarn Storm, Thorned Arbiter
  • Ozrin, Shadowcaster
  • Serrem, Frostfire Warlock

Female MtG Human names

  • Rhialina, Lightbearer Paladin
  • Ara, Galewhisper Oracle
  • Selebessa Dawn, Lightbringer Paladin
  • Aunia Frost, Nightfall Illusionist
  • Aviebes Frost, Frostwhisper Conjurer
  • Nalara, Stormbinder Sorceress
  • Lilia Light, Stoneweaver Geomancer
  • Arithys, Galewind Oracle
  • Talara Moon, Nightfall Illusionist
  • Ililia Moon, Thornweaver Druidess
  • Aulyra Night, Emberheart Mage
  • Enenona Night, Thorned Enchantress
  • Tevondra, Galestorm Tempest
  • Vamonna Night, Nightfall Illusionist
  • Kiesora Stone, Ashenflame Pyromancer
  • Tylina Light, Stoneweaver Geomancer
  • Vith, Lightweaver Priestess
  • Eline Moon, Stormbinder Sorceress
  • Kaera, Frostbinder Sorceress
  • Tynnonne Night, Stoneweaver Geomancer

Gender-neutral MtG Human names

  • Ikon, Galeforce Acolyte
  • Lira Night, Nightfall Arcanist
  • Gaeli Dawn, Frostshaper Elementalist
  • Joni, Frostfire Conjurer
  • Quillin, Frostfire Conjurer
  • Violos, Nightwalker Illusionist
  • Vayri Storm, Stormweaver Sorcerer
  • Raeri Gale, Nightwalker Illusionist
  • Rors, Dawnseeker Magus
  • Fralin, Nightfall Arcanist
  • Nolin, Frostfire Conjurer
  • Edorn, Stormcaller Mage
  • Kailey Thorn, Frostweaver Shaman
  • Carin, Frostfire Conjurer
  • Gaelo Dawn, Frostshaper Elementalist
  • Nyrdar Ember, Thorned Arcanist
  • Sars, Stormcaller Mage
  • Joreth, Nightwalker Illusionist
  • Kailliotan, Frostweaver Shaman
  • Fixin, Galeforce Acolyte

These names radiate with the essence of Magic the Gathering: they are heroic, enchanting, and profoundly magical.

Create your own MtG human name

Crafting your own perfect Magic the Gathering humanoid name can be both fun and challenging. Let our name generator guide you through the wilds of name creation!

Start off by seeking inspiration. Ask yourself, what kind of character are they? Do they control the elemental forces with the flick of their wrist? Are they a relentless warrior, or a wise sage?

Once your character feels alive and real inside your mind, plunge into the world of names. Try combining words to form a name that perfectly personifies your character. Remember, in the Magic the Gathering universe, a name is a beacon, a declaration of your entity. It speaks of your essence, so choose a name that roars the character’s soul to the world!

In the end, it’s your game, your card, your character, and your story. Let this name generator be a compass guiding you in the uncharted lands of name creation. Now, the real magic begins. Made up a name? It’s time to play. Let’s see how your character casts a spell on the game!

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