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Magic the Gathering Kor name generator

Are you caught in the tangle of creating an all-original, authentic Kor name for your MtG card? Let our Name Generator carve out that path for you in the vast Magic the Gathering universe!

From the Skyclaves of Zendikar to the Rocky Tar pits of Akoum, the aesthetics of Magic the Gathering names is rich, diverse, and full of mythical resonance. Our Kor name generator matches that level of authenticity and creativity. Read on to find definitions, naming conventions, examples, and more that relate to the Kor race.

What is your MtG Kor name waiting to be discovered? Get ready to invoke the power of the Oracle!

Who are the Kor in Magic the Gathering?

The Kor are nomadic, ethereal beings belonging to the white mana in the MtG universe. Central to their aesthetic are ropes, hooks, and other climbing equipment, harmonizing with their penchant for heights and mountainous terrains.

Often skilled climbers or spiritual guides, the Kors’ names burst with references to the Aeons, Skyclaves, and Stones. Their life is intertwined with Zendikar and the intricacies of its ever-changing landscapes, a testament to their adaptability and nomadic lifestyle.

MtG Kor naming conventions

Kor names generally carry an ethereal echo of their ancestry and connection with the Aeon fields. These names often come in a two-part form: a first name followed by a title or epithet, associated with their standing, profession, or peculiar trait in the community.

Such epithets can include ‘Stormshield Bearer’, ‘Skywell Curator’, or ‘Aether Harbinger’, offering not just a name, but a glimpse into the Kor’s tale within the MtG universe. So let’s dig in and explore some name ideas for your Kor Character.

Embark on a quest: What’s your MtG Kor name?

Is your Kor a sage Clifftop Lookout or an agile Sky Ruin Drake? Allow our MtG Kor name generator to spin a name that would echo in the Skyclaves and dance around the Pillars of Akoum.

Say you fancy a name for a Kor Cartographer. Click on ‘Generate’, and the generator might unravel ‘Ovlin, Skyclave Ascendant’. Enter your name into the name box, and the generator will mold a unique Kor name, reflecting the elements of your name found within the Aeons.

What’s your MtG Kor name? Dare to seek!

MtG Kor name ideas

Dive into the universe of Zendikar with our crafted Kor names, each brimming with lore and resonance drawn from the MtG setting.

Male Kor Names

Meet the valiant Kor males who master the Zendikar terrains with their skills and knowledge. Here are a few names that our name generator revealed:

  • Thol, Aether Seeker
  • Krel, Pathway Guardian
  • Ovlin, Skyclave Ascendant
  • Brisen, Canopy Watcher
  • Halon, Pillar Warden
  • Erodin, Labyrinth Navigator
  • Tarren, Stormshield Bearer
  • Delkor, Horizon Walker
  • Ralen, Spire Sentinel
  • Volis, Cliffborn Champion
  • Mardon, Skydancer Captain
  • Toren, Tectonic Knight
  • Yilvan, Windbourne Warden
  • Balir, Bolt Splicer
  • Orsol, Stoneforged Mystic

Female Kor Names

Female Kor, as magical emissaries and geode crafters, carry names as majestic as their deeds. Here are a few examples from our generator:

  • Serala, Veil Weaver
  • Atlin, Skyshaper Castellant
  • Koori, Stratus Dominion
  • Mirah, Glyph Chiseler
  • Venor, Cloudstone Vertiginot
  • Lysra, Aerial Enclave
  • Delva, Sovereign of Aethersparks
  • Tyrela, Skywell Curator
  • Baris, Lattice Guardian
  • Serva, Windgrace Keeper
  • Ystel, Arch of Azure
  • Kalira, Paragon of the Peaks
  • Renva, Fable Spire Diviner
  • Wrenna, Geode Crafter
  • Isolde, Halo Seeker

Gender-neutral Kor Names

In the diverse MtG universe, Kor names blissfully break gender barriers. Take note of these gender-neutral titles for your Kor characters:

  • Anvid, Aether Harbinger
  • Kalid, Skyshape Visionary
  • Shorin, Galeshaper Warden
  • Olnaris, Skyclave Emissary
  • Berak, Stonebound Sentinel
  • Yelmir, Halo Caller
  • Zelath, Stormshaper Initiate
  • Tirven, Glyphbound Seer
  • Moris, Cloudspire Chronicler
  • Arlin, Veil Ascendant
  • Felir, Pillar Guardian
  • Colvan, Windborne Savant
  • Zorlen, Aerial Fortress
  • Nalda, Arch of Resurgence
  • Gelvor, Peakhewn Sovereign

Unveil your Kor name. Seek the truths behind the Aeon fields and weave your tale in the Mythos of the Magic the Gathering universe!

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