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MtG Troll name generator

Are you a Magic the Gathering enthusiast seeking an epic name for your troll character? Well, you’re in the right place! Our MtG troll name generator is just what you need.

We’ve designed a generator that spits out imaginative, vibrant, and authentic Magic the Gathering troll names. Stick around to find out about trolling naming conventions and soak in a selection of compelling male, female, and gender-neutral troll names.

Hit the “Generate” button to get an automatic troll name, or input your name for a personalized result! So, what is your troll name?

MtG Troll definition: What is a troll?

In the Magic the Gathering multiverse, trolls are enormous, fearsome creatures known for their persistent vitality and regenerative abilities. They call the wild and untamed regions of the planes their home, lurking in dim forests and fetid swamps, ever ready to pounce on the unwary.

Trolls vary widely from plane to plane; while all possess regenerative abilities that make them formidable adversaries, their appearances can range from the nearly humanoid to the sheer grotesque. These resilient creatures can heal at a supernatural speed and even regenerate severed body parts under certain conditions.

MtG Troll names

The names of Magic the Gathering trolls are as varied and thrilling as the creatures themselves; designed to invoke a sense of raw power, primal instinct, and unyielding resilience. Our generator takes this into account, priding itself on producing names that resonate with the distinct aura of the MtG trolls.

From the shadow-skulking Growl, Soul Reaver to the formidable Varolz, the Scar-Crowned, our generator promises variety and authenticity, perfect for the discerning MtG enthusiast.

MtG Troll naming conventions

Magic the Gathering trolls are known for their robust and often guttural names that often carry daunting epithets or titles. While there’s no established naming convention, troll names in MtG often give an indication of their attributes, home terrain, or notable achievements.

Most troll names contain strong consonants, sometimes intermingled with vowels indicated to be pronounced long or short, truly mirroring their savage yet timeless nature. This is emphasized even more by menacing titles that strike fear into the hearts of opponents.

What is your troll name?

Do you know your troll name in the mystical universe of Magic the Gathering yet? If not, our troll name generator is here to help! Generate multitudes of authentic troll names with a simple click of a button and choose the one that resonates with your character the most.

Or, try entering a name of your choosing and see what unique combination our generator concocts for you. Go ahead, discover your troll name now!

MtG Troll name ideas

Looking for some troll name inspiration? Look no further. Name generators, like ours, can churn out a seemingly infinite number of names that might seem a bit random at first. That’s a part of the charm, the first step in finding that winner among the crowd.

Check out some exciting troll names our generator has produced:

Male Troll Names

Magic the Gathering male troll names often radiate power and menace. Here are some examples:

  • Bramko, the Earthshaker
  • Grislok, Abyssal Sorcerer
  • Zorkal, Defier of Death
  • Yrvo, King of the Spire
  • Varolz, the Scar-Crowned
  • Klurgoth, the Void Conqueror
  • Grenko, Mob Boss
  • Urlok, Wielder of Shadows
  • Zalazkar, the Risen
  • Grolk, Soul Reaver
  • Brakmor, Gateway Lord
  • Lorgu, Metamorphosis Master
  • Grimor, the Dreadserpent
  • Varok, the Mindflayer
  • Kryol, Ice Shaper

Female Troll Names

The names of female MtG trolls are infused with an otherworldly charm, whilst maintaining the ferocity typical of their kind. Below are some examples:

  • Velara, the Dream Weaver
  • Brisala, Shadow Spinner
  • Marokina, Flame Keeper
  • Zelvira, Wave Tamer
  • Lyreith, Starlight Sorceress
  • Korvala, Crystal Guardian
  • Illyria, Time Manipulator
  • Garozka, Wind Whisperer
  • Nolvira, Storm Bender
  • Xalyth, Void Caller
  • Ysthera, Spirit Seer
  • Qyrala, Chaos Conjurer
  • Felvana, Light Bringer
  • Uruvya, Lore Keeper
  • Telkzara, Gloom Seeker

Gender-neutral Troll Names

Troll names are not always bound by gender. Here are some examples of awe-inspiring gender-neutral troll names:

  • Gorvath, the Rune Grasp
  • Zenthara, Axion Wanderer
  • Lythriz, Spectrum Temptress
  • Tarzuk, Element Seeker
  • Xorven, Twilight Sentinel
  • Radrohk, Quantum Controller
  • Valzor, the Card Weaver
  • Gronzar, Pyrokinetic Assailant
  • Ilmyrath, Arcane Artiste
  • Jevro, Tide Master
  • Norzika, Illusion Crafter
  • Kazrov, the Lifeforce Dominator
  • Trixyra, Etherial Whisper
  • Ulrith, the Time Weaver
  • Yasthara, Lightning Thespian

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