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Password Generator

Generate a password by entering your name or generate a random password.


How it works

Type in a name and click generate. If you want a random name, just leave the input field blank.


Back in the day, people often had passwords like 1234 or simply password. Hopefully, you don’t use such dangerous passwords and already have an alright password for your account!

But not all passwords are created equal. In order to stay safe online and keep your data secure, you ought to have a strong password that is not easy to crack! But coming up with such passwords can be tricky, especially since it’s best to have a different password for every account you own.

That’s what this password generator is for!

Password Generator

This password generator generates strong and random passwords that will help your accounts to stay secure online. These passwords are hard to crack since they don’t follow any formula and are completely made up of pure randomness.

To start, just hit “Generate”. Alternatively, you can also type in a name to create a strong and unique password!

How to come up with a strong password

In order to understand how to create a strong password, you need to know how hackers try to crack your password. There are different approaches: One of the most spread is the brute force method, where they just guess a password based on relevant clues or let their program enter a dictionary full of common passwords. That’s why you shouldn’t have too obvious or regular words that can be found in a dictionary as a password.

But there are many, many more ways how to crack a password. Because of that, it’s best to use a (seemingly) random combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. But the simple way is to use this Password Generator!

Weak password examples:

  • password
  • 12345678
  • Cats&Dogs
  • rainbow66
  • T0m0rr0w

Strong password examples:

  • MfaaC&Dbtasc010190 (Using the first letter of the phrase “My favorite animals are Cats & Dogs because they are so cute” + a birthday)
  • Y0u c4n u$e sp4c3s 1n y0ur p4ssw0rd! (Don’t forget that spaces are viable symbols as well! “You can use spaces in your password!” + changing some letters with numbers)
  • J_mpwf_tvtij_npsf_uibo_dbut (Using the next letter in the alphabet of every letter in this phrase: “I love sushi more than cats” + exchanging the spaces with underlines)
  • Eye h8 Mundeys ay l0t (Misspelling the phrase “I hate Mondays a lot” + changing some letters)

Don’t forget: The longer and more encrypted your password is, the safer!

Random password generator

This password generator generates completely random and strong passwords ready to use! You’ll never have to fear again that your account will be hacked by cracking your password!

What are you waiting for? Hit generate!

Password manager

Since it’s advised to have a unique password for every single account you own, it can get quite tricky to keep track of them. Some people just write them down, which isn’t really a wise decision since others can easily enter your account as soon as they find the note.

That’s where password managers come into play! There are plenty of different ones available. It’s best to do your own research since prices and providers change constantly.

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