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Pokémon Name Generator

Pokémon has been a part of our lives for so long now. And a lot of dedicated fans love this franchise so much; they even create their own Pokémon – some refer to them as Fakemons.

But sometimes, it can be quite challenging to come up with creative names for your own Pokémon. So if you’re in desperate need of great Pokémon names, then choose this Pokémon Name Generator now! It features an unlimited amount of fantastic Pokémon names.

You have the option to get as many random names as you want or to enter a name and get a personalized result. It is up to you! You could even enter your own name and see how you would be called if you were a Pokémon!

Pokémon names

Pokémon names just have this certain ring to them. But what makes Pokémon names so special? Continue reading; I’m gonna tell you:

Pokémon names more often than not consist of two or more words scrambled together. For example:

  • Charmander is a combination of char (to burn) and salamander (ab amphibian often associated with fire).
  • Tentacruel is a combination of tentacle and cruel or rule (since it’s the final stage of its evolution line and maybe since it and its pre-evolution are dominating Kantos oceans)
  • Totodile is a combination of tot (a small person, since it’s the first stage of its evolution line) and crocodile.
  • Crobat is a combination cross (because of its shape) and bat.
  • Hydreigon is a combination of Hydra (a nine-headed mythological creature), the German word for three drei and dragon.

So, you see, naming a Pokémon is no magic. They often use words from different languages or similar sound words, like in Tentacruels example, to give the name even more meaning. Try this method if you want to give it a shot and give your Pokémon creation a Pokémon-esque name!

Random Pokémon generator

You could even go the other way around! Try using this Pokémon Name Generator first and then draw your very own creations depending on the names you generated. It’s a lot of fun; try it out!


Fans of the Pokémon franchise often refer to fan-created Pokémon as Fakemon, since they’re not official. But even if the word fake has a negative connotation, you shouldn’t feel bad calling fake Pokémon that name. Many fans have dedicated a lot of their time to create thousands of Fakemon; some even make their own fangames with their creations!

Do you want to create your very own Fakemon? Check out our new Fakemon generator!

Name generator

Like all our name generators, this one is especially fun to use! The possibilities are endless!

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