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Tabaxi name generator

You’re looking for tabaxi names for your DnD tabaxi character, right? I knew it! Well, look no further because this tabaxi name generator will give you plenty of names to choose from.

Whether you need a tabaxi name for your roleplaying game or story – or just want to find a funny name for your cat, this tabaxi name generator is sure to have something that suits your needs.

So, what are you waiting for? To start, simply hit generate or enter your name to get your personal tabaxi name!


Tabaxi are a feline race of intelligent, curious, and nimble creatures. Many tabaxi enjoy adventuring and often take on the role of rogues or rangers. No wonder most tabaxi are nomadic in nature.

In Dungeons and Dragons, tabaxi are known for their love of treasure and their fascination with magic. They are excellent climbers and have keen eyesight, making them perfect candidates for exploration and reconnaissance missions.

Tabaxi names

Tabaxi names are unisex and show tribal characteristics. They mostly consist of two words, like "Red Feather", "Arctic Clouds", or "Snow of the Mountains".

Since these names are often quite lengthy, they often lead to shortened nicknames. With these, you can be as creative as you like.

Tabaxi names can be a challenge to come up with; that’s why this tabaxi name generator is pure gold. So go ahead and hit that generate button to get started!

Here are some examples and tabaxi name ideas our tabaxi name generator came up with!

Tabaxi name ideas

  • Abandoned Moonlight
  • Scream of the Heart
  • Broken Star
  • Central Mists
  • Great Wave
  • Arctic Tiger
  • Spark of the Shadow
  • Hot Eagle
  • Desired Honey
  • Jewel of the Creek
  • Boundless Emerald
  • Jolly Chalk
  • Three Book
  • Fading Button
  • Merry Shores
  • Little Pond

Tabaxi share a lot of similarities with the khajiit race from The Elder Scrolls. Maybe you’ll find a name you’ll like! Generate an endless amount of khajiit names!

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