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Aarakocra name generator

Aarakocras are humanoid birds of prey. Most aarakocras have features of either eagles or parrots. Just like many birds in real life, male aarakocras are more colorful, while the females tend to be rather brown and gray. In general, they are a peaceful race who cherish their solitude.

Aarakocras have a very short temper and become enraged quickly. Also, they tend to flirt with others notoriously, even when married.

Aarakocras have hollow and fragile bones. That may be one of many reasons why they avoid melee combat when possible and rather attack from above or in a surprise attack.

It’s said that aarakocras are very claustrophobic and have an intense need for freedom. Entering caves or other enclosed spaces is something most of them would deny doing.

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Aarakocra names

Aarakocra names are just like their speech – they include clicks, trills, and whistles. Because of that, many people have difficulties pronouncing their names or reproducing their speech. So don’t wonder if you’re having a hard time with the generated aarakocra names. But when an aarakocra is interacting with other races, it often uses shortened forms of their full names or a nickname gained from others.

Typically, aarakocra names have two to four syllables. But it’s more common to have shorter than longer names, especially if an aarakocra interacts with other species a lot.

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