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Imperial name generator

Trying to come up with a great Imperial name for your ESO character? Finding great Imperial names can be quite tricky. But you’ve come to the right place! Our ESO Imperial name generator is a tool to help you quickly and easily come up with unique and creative Imperial names for your Elder Scrolls Online character.

This generator uses lore from The Elder Scrolls to create realistic and authentic-sounding Imperial names. We’ve included an array of different elements, from traditional words of the Empire, clan names, ancestral lines, and more, to create truly unique ESO Imperial names.

So, what are you waiting for? To start, simply hit generate or enter your name to get your personal Imperial name!

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Imperial definition: What is an Imperial?

Imperials are one of the ten playable races in ESO. They are a race that dwells mainly in Cyrodiil and Hammerfell, but have also spread to other provinces of Tamriel.

Imperials have strong ties to the Empire and its ancient ways, being able to draw upon many past skills such as architecture, diplomacy, and bureaucracy. They are also known as a proud people with a strong sense of honor and respect. Imperials are often seen in ESO wearing red and yellow armor, symbolizing their loyalty to the Empire. They are also known for their gold-trimmed clothing and helmets.

Because of their skills and knowledge, many ESO players choose to play as Imperials. This ESO Imperial Name Generator will help you find the perfect name for your ESO character!

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Imperial names

Imperial names just hit differently, right? The names of Imperials are unique in many ways but can be described as Latin-sounding, regal, and even a bit grandiose. ESO Imperial names typically consist of two elements: the clan name (which comes from an ancestor) and the individual’s personal name.

An example of a typical ESO Imperial name would be "Gaius Baelius", where Gaius is the given name and Baelius is the clan name. ESO Imperial names can also draw on traditional words of the Empire, such as "Invictus", or even names from ancestral lines, like "Septim".

Our Imperial name generator got its inspiration from Imperial names from The Elder Scrolls games to create truly authentic ESO names.

Our ESO Imperial Name Generator will help you quickly come up with great ESO Imperial Names for your character! So get started right now!

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What’s your Imperial name?

Everyone has a special Imperial name that is only waiting to be revealed. But how can you uncover your own specific Imperial name?

Generating your own unique Imperial name is easier than ever with our Imperial name generator! Simply type in your first name, and you’ll be presented with a one-of-a-kind identity that no one else has. Get creative and discover the perfect moniker for yourself today!

Don’t like your generated name? Add your second name or last name or type in a username you typically use to potentially generate different results.

And don’t forget to share your result on Social Media with all your friends! Shared fun is a lot more fun! Let’s see what their names sound like! 😎

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Imperial name ideas

Still looking for inspiration? If you’re unhappy with your result, you can just pick one of these names our Imperial name generator came up with!

Male Imperial names

  • Malvilas Cagrus
  • Rergel Flontici
  • Laras Dan
  • Cidon Eppius
  • Leslanus Aracas
  • Types Oles
  • Elun Haymes
  • Duccalas Sarrinunto
  • Pelvuv Ostien
  • Cetiucius Pibillo
  • Ninin Glytinoria
  • Tirrus Erviacun
  • Frolun Kinius
  • Malis Sessinius
  • Pellare Copid
  • Derbetus Honus
  • Silanuv Canius
  • Taulis Brand
  • Pemumo Costos
  • Stelanilgo Dursunnius

Female Imperial names

  • Aulena Lios
  • Julia Faniunia
  • Amyna Mus
  • Caermolia Hosiun
  • Gastis Cluvis
  • Dulla Douatius
  • Duccia Canius
  • Cara Salelle
  • Beliana Vemes
  • Blana Greepisus
  • Lucassia Seranceia
  • Jutta Callaniunia
  • Vieloina Plaves
  • Tecilla Ves
  • Arenia Aunintius
  • Laurandria Cordella
  • Jarena Dellius
  • Phermidia Deros
  • Dolea Arrudium
  • Leliata Mal

Gender-neutral Imperial names

  • Taren Pesiunia
  • Centaxun Meban
  • Corella Farus
  • Lunon Flaniuteia
  • Jaris Glonius
  • Sus Lunun
  • Oran Pellius
  • Pracrer Vocutis
  • Lules Ephun
  • Solela Fullo
  • Fales Tudius
  • Masinas Hambulus
  • Liras Umila
  • Tis Valellia
  • Sucisius Cur
  • Feras Entis
  • Coles Texius
  • Pones Anterro
  • Tumis Devecias
  • Aris Cislinulius

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