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Dinosaur name generator

Do You need scientific dinosaur names? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our dinosaur name generator will generate scientific dinosaur names with Latin or Greek words and even tells you what the dinosaur name means!

A newly discovered dinosaur needs a great name, that’s for sure! So if you’re looking for the perfect name for your new find, this is the perfect tool for you.

Simply click on the "Generate" button, and you’ll get a random dinosaur name with its meaning. Alternatively, try entering your name to get a unique dinosaur name just for you! What’s your dinosaur name?

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Dinosaur definition: What is a dinosaur?

Not every lizard or dragon counts as a dinosaur. A dinosaur is an extinct species of animal that lived during the Mesozoic Era (around 252 million to 66 million years ago). They were usually large, herbivorous, or carnivorous creatures, but there were some odd ones out as well.

Today, dinosaurs are studied by paleontologists, and we have learned a lot about them from their fossilized bones. We can even learn about the environment in which they lived from their fossilized remains.

So why not use our dinosaur name generator to give your new discovery a cool dinosaur name that honors its past? Get started now and find out what type of dinosaur you have!

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Dinosaur names

Who decides what a dinosaur is called? Each new species of dinosaur gets its name from the person or team who discovered it. The naming process usually takes at least 18 months and has to follow certain rules in order for the name to be accepted by the scientific community.

The name should also honor where it was found and what family of dinosaurs it belongs to, and it often pays homage to famous scientists in the field.

So how about you give your discovery an amazing dinosaur name using our generator? Let’s see what type of names you can come up with! Get started now and find out how creative you can be when choosing a dinosaur name!

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What’s your dinosaur’s name?

Everybody has a unique dinosaur name! Now that you know the basics of naming dinosaurs, it’s time to find out what your dinosaur’s name is.

Our generator is ready to give you some awesome names for your new discovery. Simply hit "Generate" and get ready to meet your very own dinosaur friend! Who knows? Maybe it will become an iconic species in the future.

So go ahead and explore the world of dinosaurs with our awesome tool! Get started now and see what amazing names you can come up with for your dinosaur! Who knows, maybe one day, people around the world will use its name when referring to this special creature. Enjoy!

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Dinosaur name ideas

Still struggling to find the perfect name for your dinosaur? Here’s a list of some of the best names we’ve generated with our dinosaur name generator!

  • Dracorex (Dragon + King)
  • Thermophago (Heat + Eating)
  • Trichotitan (Hair + Giant)
  • Colossothio (Giant + Beast)
  • Nanocanto (Small + Spined)
  • Daspletorex (Frightful + King)
  • Micromandibo (Tiny + Mandible)
  • Heterolestes (Different + Stealer)
  • Nebulovenator (Cloud + Hunter)
  • Luminocanto (Light + Spined)
  • Ferroceps (Iron + Head)
  • Scutodactyl (Shield + Finger)
  • Xanthocephalo (Yellow + Headed)
  • Chromalinguo (Color + Tongued)
  • Cavernoraptor (Cave + Thief)
  • Leptophago (Slim + Eating)
  • Ferociphono (Fierce + Sound)
  • Coelobator (Hollow + Hero)
  • Xenophago (Strange + Eating)
  • Nodoceps (Knob + Head)

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