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Anime Name Generator

Generate an anime character name by entering a name or generate a random anime character name.


How it works

Type in a name and click generate. If you want a random name, just leave the input field blank.

Anime characters

Anime characters come in a wide variety. Most of them, though, are humans and Japanese. Still, their names vary a lot – some have real Japanese names, some fake Japanese names, and some just nicknames. However, this name generator focuses on creating fake Japanese names you wouldn’t find in the real world.

If you want to create authentic Japanese names, though, try out our Japanese Name Generator!

We even have a quiz with plenty of handpicked results on that topic if you prefer that. Try it out: Japanese Name Generator: What’s your Japanese name?

Anime name generator

To use this Anime Name Generator, simply type in your name, to get a personalized result – for example, if you want to know how you would be called in an anime –, or skip this part and get millions of random and unique Japanese anime names!

Anime girl name generator

Our research has shown that most people look for female anime names. But this generator does feature not only boy and girl names! It also has millions of possible gender-neutral ones! So it’s perfect for anybody!

Anime character creator

If you’re creating an anime or manga character, you may have faced this problem, that at one point, you couldn’t come up with a proper name for your character. This Anime Name Generator was created exactly for people like you! Give your OC’s some great names with this fantastic Anime Name Generator!

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