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Arabic name generator

This Arabic name generator can generate middle eastern names for both boys and girls. All you need to do is select the gender you want and click on the “Generate” button.

No matter why you’re generating an Arabic name, you’ll definitely find some interesting ones you’ll fall in love with!

To start, simply hit generate or enter your name to get your personal Arabic name! Find out what your Arabic name is!

Arabic names

Arabic names are beautiful names used in the Arab world, as well as some other regions within the larger Muslim world. They are not necessarily of Arabic origin, though most are.

Many names used today in the Arabic world stem from the Quran, the Muslim holy book, or Arabic literature. It’s comparable to names used by Christians, whose names often also stem from their holy book, the bible.

The middle-eastern names generated by our wonderful Arabic name generator are perfect for those looking for something a little different than what they might find in the west.

Arabic naming conventions: How do Arabic names work?

Even though most Arabs now choose to mainly use their given name and last name, people normally have many names in Arabian culture. But most commonly, their names follow this formula, which is also written in official documents: given name, name of the father, name of the grandfather, surname. Often, they have clan names as well!

For example: Amal ibn Fahim ibn Izz ad-Din Nabih. “Amal” would be the given Name, “ibn Fahim” means son of Fahim, who in turn is the son of Izz ad-Din, while Nabih would be the surname. (As you might have noticed, “ibn”, sometimes also “bin”, means “son of”. If Amal was a girl, it would say “ibnat” or “bint”.)

This would be the official name of Amal Nabih, who would seldom use his full name to introduce himself.

But this name generator only focuses on the first name and the surname. If you want to add the two patrilineal names, just hit generate on the male names to find the names that you like most. This may be the case if you’re creating a character and want to give him a solid background.

Arabic boy names

Arabic boy names are special and beautiful. They are beautiful, memorable, and often have deep meaning. If you’re looking for a name with a specific meaning, this Arabic name generator is perfect for you! They might not be used as often in the west, but that that’s also what makes them unique!

This Arabic name generator has plenty of fantastic Arabic boy names to discover!

Arabic girl names

Arabic girl names are just as special and beautiful as Arabic boy names! They often have lovely meaning and are used less often in the west, making them unique and interesting.

This Arabic name generator has plenty of fantastic Arabic girl names! So if you’re looking for a name with a specific meaning, this is the perfect tool.

Arabic Christian names

Our Arabic name generator can generate middle eastern names for Arabic Muslims, but also Arabic Christians since the names of the latter are often indistinguishable from Muslim names.

But some purely Muslim names like Muhammad aren’t used by Christians and vice versa like Yussef (Joseph).

Arabic surnames

Arabic surnames are just as interesting as Arabic given names. Often, they have a meaning that can be traced back to an ancestor’s occupation or location. They might also be related to the clan or tribe that the person is from.

This Arabic name generator has plenty of fantastic Arabic surnames for you to discover!

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