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MtG Goblin Name Generator

Are you ready to pull out a game-stopping card from your sleeve? This is where the fun begins! Generate unique and enchanting goblin names that are perfect for your Magic the Gathering (MtG) cards!

Creating unique, memorable, and catching MtG card names is challenging. Our name generator ensures you can form male goblin names, female goblin names, and gender-neutral goblin names. So ready your spellbook!

To get started, either press the generate button or key in your name to get your personalized goblin name!

MtG goblin naming conventions

MtG Goblins are notorious, determined, and full of mischief. They have unique names that uplift their unique characteristics. Every goblin’s name portrays its singular character, its charming mischief, its battle skills, or its power and leadership.

Whether you wish to name an unstoppable battle-commander or a swift footed scout, this generator makes sure you get your ideal fit. So why wait? Generate your goblin name now!

MtG goblin name ideas

Naming your goblin character speaks volumes about your card’s strategy. Whether you wish to take up the masked intruder approach, the mighty crusher persona or decide to adopt the battle biter tactic, every name choice will intrigue your opponents.

Remember, the heart of MtG lays in strategy, surprise, and suspense. Let this Goblin Name Generator be your secret weapon in keeping your opponents guessing.

Male Goblin names:

  • Rokkat, Cave Crawler
  • Turkog, King of the Marsh
  • Uggaak, Island Idler
  • Yakkoz, Desert Dancer
  • Zibbat, the Tyrant of the Tundra
  • Arkagg, Wave Wader
  • Brokuk, Field Frolicker
  • Gikkak, Mountain Mumbler
  • Kaggoz, Jungle Jester
  • Gribnak, Lava Lurker
  • Zorkag, Swamp Sleeper
  • Muggok, Flame Flinger
  • Brubnik, Wreck Wielder
  • Grakkux, Lord of Dust
  • Jerrog, Jungle Jammer
  • Nobkag, Nether Nut
  • Dorkug, Dune Dasher
  • Stibbok, Forest Flicker
  • Vaggak, Wind Wailer
  • Xaggak, Prairie Prancer

Female Goblin names:

  • Grizzax, Sharp Eye
  • Zorlit, Baroness of the Bones
  • Brickika, Shadow Strider
  • Jangla, Blaze Flayer
  • Firze, Sharp Eye
  • Brazna, Mirth Masher
  • Crazziz, Enchantress of the Echoes
  • Fribolk, Blaze Flayer
  • Fecki, Queen of the Quagmire
  • Jezguz, Empress of the Ember
  • Kagga, Countess of the Caverns
  • Cheggatz, Warrior Whirlwind
  • Xagra, Enchantress of the Echoes
  • Kilget, Mistress of the Moss
  • Snikma, Countess of the Cauldron
  • Greznam, Quick Cruncher
  • Jigge, Warchief’s Daughter
  • Jegli, Empress of the Ember
  • Felgat, Lava Leaper
  • Grigak, Flame Flicker

Gender-neutral Goblin names:

  • Snonklit, Guardian of the Grove
  • Fungmatz, Steward of the Streams
  • Brazgo, Sturdy Stepper
  • Zilgaz, Keeper of the Kin
  • Tigkex, Tiny Terrorizer
  • Klirglat, Mire Muncher
  • Frefick, Wild Rider
  • Chorglam, Stinger Beast
  • Snogrok, Swift Masher
  • Noxrat, Mountain Pioneer
  • Klampham, Sovereign of the Shroud
  • Klandak, Sovereign of the Shroud
  • Jotgar, Guardian of the Gales
  • Vrotga, Sentinel of the Sands
  • Xelgag, Keeper of the Keys
  • Zifliz, Tusk Terrorizer
  • Xeznat, Battle Belter
  • Groxrat, Wild Rider
  • Bruktat, Keeper of the Kin
  • Grigkin, Blaze Burner

How to create your own MtG goblin name

Crafting an exceptional goblin name has never been easier. Kick start with brainstorming some ideas. What personality do you want your goblin to embody? A rugged warrior, a sly magician, or perhaps, a fearless leader? Mull over these thoughts and see what clicks.

Once you have crystallized your thoughts, start mixing and matching them. Unleash your creativity and dare to venture into unexpected. Experiment, improvise, and innovate to weave names that fathom your imagination.

And voila! You have an exceptional, memorable goblin name at your disposal. Write it down and watch how it brings an animated flair to your game.

It’s your time to shine as the strategic genius and mischievous storyteller behind every card. Ready? Set? Shuffle!

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